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The mortgage industry remains in a very difficult situation at this time with economists predicting continued housing price drops and bank failures over the next few years. Banks are told to hold on to delinquent loans and unoccupied properties fill their books.  Loans are difficult to come by even for buyers with excellent credit scores.  Properties can stay on the market far too long causing seller holding costs to soar. 50% of qualified buyers are locked out by overly stringent requirements today in comparison to the easily available sub-prime loans in the past.  Luxury homes languish on the market because buyers cannot get jumbo loan financing.


This economy needs solutions!


A Great Alternative to the Conventional Financing Void


Seller Financing can fill the void left by today’s conventional lending.  You can sell your home faster at fair market value to a larger pool of buyers using common sense underwriting for a safe and predictable outcome. Being the bank has never been so easy!


Seller Financing is no longer relegated to the sub-prime market.  Many astute sellers are using our standardized Seller Financed Note manufacturing services to produce a safe and predictable outcome, as well as creating high quality notes that hold their value.  We can help you create a high quality note for investment or resale purposes with common sense underwriting, appropriate terms based on current market conditions, professional documentation, disclosures and servicing. Our note manufacturing method produces a note indistinguishable from a conventional loan!  That way you know YOUR seller financed note will have much more value than the majority of seller financed notes on the market today.  You’ll cash flow with less risk for the long term, or  you’ll get more cash out of your note now to move on to bigger and better investments for YOUR business. Ask us to be your Seller Financing 3rd base coach. Call or email today for your free consultation.  Just click or dial 1-800-309-6762


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